47-08 varistor 430V piezoresistor

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  • 47-08 varistor 430V piezoresistor
  • 47-08 varistor 430V piezoresistor



Certificated Body Related Standard Certificate Number AC Rated Voltage
UL UL 1414 E201384 JN Type                             ClassX1:440VAC                                                                                                                    Y1:250VAC                             UL CSA:250VAC               JY Type                       ClassX1:400VAC Y2:250VAC                          UL CSA:250VAC                JRType   ClassX1:400VAC Y2:250VAC                        UL CSA:250VAC
CSA C222 NO1 LR 113866-3
FIMKO ENI32400 1994                 1EC384-14 2nd Edition(1993) (1EC60384-14 2nd Ed) Reinforced Body Insolation/0.4mm min   Approved by VDE               (Type JN,JY) F1 13328                              F1 16191
DEMKO DK99-02340                    310369-01
SEMKO 9924072/01-04 0101134/01-02
NEMKO P99101467      P01100031
SEV 99,770382,01                10311
VDE 122699 122120              133894
CHINA CH0061234-2001   CH0061235-2001
Characteristics Type JN Type JY Type JR
Capacitance Range 100pF to 4700pF 100pF to 10000pF 5.1pF to 1500pF
Operating Temperature Range -25°C to 125°C Y5P,Y5V:-25°C to 85°CY5U: -25°C to 125°C -55°C to 125°C
Rated Voltage X1:440VACY1:250VAC X1:400VAC,Y2:250VAC X1:400VAC,Y2:250VAC
Dielectric With Standing Volt 4000VAC For 1 minute 2600VAC For 1 minute 2600VAC for 1 minute
Capacitance Withinthespecinedt01erancewhenmeasuredat                                                                           1KHz±20%(Y5P,Y5U,Y5V,X7R), 1MHz±20%(COG),1Vrms and 25°C
Dissipation Factor(tan) Tan ≤2.5%for char.Y5P,Y5U,Y5V,X7R when measured at 1 KHz±20%1Vrms and 25°C  Quality Factor≥600 for char.COG when measured at 1 MHz±20%1Vrms and 25°C
Insulation Resistance 10,000MΩ min. at 500VDC
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