5V G1/4 1.2 MPa 150PSI Pressure Sensor

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1.Suitable for wall hanging furnace, gas furnace, gas storage, etc all kinds of hydraulic, pneumatic pressure measurement
2.Suitable for civil use product batch
3.Static accuracy: plus or minus 1.0% FS
4.Pressure range 0-1.2 MPa (can be customized according to customer requirements)
5.Wide range of temperature compensation
6.Medium for non-corrosive gas, water, oil, etc
NOTE: It is not compatible with cars according to User Experience, it caused the working Temp. range is 0-85 Celsius Degree,please note! Thanks!
Typical Application: Non-corrosiveness Liquid pressure survey
Working Voltage: DC 5V
Output Voltage: 0.5-4.5 VDC
Sensor material: Carbon steel alloy
Working Current: ≤10 mA
Working Pressure Range: 0-1.2 MPa
The Biggest Pressure: 2.4 MPa
Cable length: 19cm
Destroy Pressure: 3.0 MPa
Working TEMP. Range: 0-85 degrees
Storage Temperature Range: 0-100 degrees
Measuring Error: ±1.5 %FSO
Temperature Range Error: ±3.5 %FSO
Response Time: ≤2.0 ms
Cycle Life: 500,000 pcs
Application: non-corrosive gas liquid measurement
Easy removal, carbon steel connection more firmly.
Stainless steel is durable, sealed waterproof line, imported chips.
Wiring: red +, black -, yellow output
Package includes:
1x Pressure Transducer Sensor 
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