About Us

Pixel Electric Co. LTD is an engineering-based company that was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs of different professional background and experience. The founders’ main objective is to pool their vast professional experience together to render professional services.

These professional services are in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering, Electronics and Computer Engineering fields and Automation, Robotics, Installation among other Maintenance services.

Pixel Electric Co. LTD core business activities include: Smart Automation, Robotics, Drones design & Assembly and also supplying STEAM equipment with consultancy services. 

To make your making and innovation easier, we offer various development platforms, modules, tools, component sourcing service, PCB Assembly service and well-equipped open source hardware.

Mission Statement

To articulate our company’s purpose and unify the organization;

         “We exist to deliver excellent Technology and Engineering services, safely, to our customers, using committed and innovative resources while registering optimum returns on our investment.

Vision Statement

To aid in planning strategically, we are geared towards;

Transforming Africa through Automation as well as to become a hub for innovation

Core Values

Our beliefs to light our future include:


 We are a Vast Market Covering