The all-singing, all-dancing ultra-fast but still small and low-cost computer: Raspberry Pi 4. Fully tested! Science in Space and a wealth of projects and tutorials. All in this month's The MagPi magazine.

Raspberry Pi 4 is a significant leap forward for the world’s best computer. With up to 4GB of RAM, full-and-direct Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, and a whole new chip hardware, it’s amazing.

Did we mention the dual 4K micro-HDMI connections enabling you to hook up two monitors at once?

Raspberry Pi 4 is the best computer you can buy. It’s a desktop computer that takes you to a new level of computing. You will still code, and hack, on it; but now you can also comfortably work and research at the same time: browse the web, play online video, and update your documents.

Read all about it in The MagPi issue 83. We’ve got in-depth benchmarks, thermal tests, engineering interviews and a feature with Simon Long about Raspbian Buster: the new version of Debian that appears first on Raspberry Pi.

3rd Jul 2019

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