Mini DIY Tesla Coil Kit 15W Music Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker Tesla Wireless Transmission DC 15-24v

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This Tesla kit is easy to build thanks to a low component count, making it ideal for budding coilers who are seeking a first coil, students looking for an eye-catching science fair project, or the casual electronics enthusiast looking for an exciting new gadget to build.
By taking advantage of modern technologies and machine-wound secondaries, it achieves a small, compact size. When 12V DC input voltage, 5 - 10 mm arc length meters is ideal, small size, power and energy range, can be a long uninterrupted work, you can also Taking lit LED, foam energy-saving lamps, flash frequency tube, you can play wireless power transmission, rotating arc and the like.
This coil will wirelessly light up flash frequency tube, neon, LED and also serves as a learning experience about circuits, electricity and science itself.



    12V input voltage to generate an arc about 2mm.
    A few simple discrete components condemnation weld can work.
    Tesla coil mini small package, making simple , hands-on interest in the production of cultured brain.
    Makes it easy for science projects and a fun hobby.



    Power: 15w
    Power input: DC 12v, DC5.5 Interface

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    Mini DIY Tesla Coil Kit x 1

DIY Tesla Coil Kit

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